Tips For Disposing Of The Items In Your Hoarding Relative's Home After They Pass Away

As the person who is responsible for cleaning out a home of a deceased relative that was a hoarder, you have a very challenging task ahead of you. While you may be tempted to toss the entire home's contents into a rented dumpster and be done with the project, the reality is that there are many things you cannot dispose of inside of a rental dumpster. Here are some tips for how to dispose of items that are not permitted inside of trash dumpsters to help you out with your big project:

Paint, Pesticides, and Toxic Cleaners

If your relative had a collection of paint, pesticides, and other toxic cleaners in their garage or gardening shed, then these items require special disposal. Pesticides and toxic cleaners should be taken to your local recycling center or landfill for proper disposal. You can also take paint for disposal, or you can open up the cans and allow the paint to dry in the sun. Once the paint dries, then it is perfectly acceptable to toss the cans into your rented trash dumpster.

Tools, Building Supplies, and Sporting Goods

If you find tools, building supplies, or sporting goods that are still in usable shape, then you can donate these items within your community. Tools and building supplies can be donated to your local Habitat for Humanity or other home building organization, and sporting goods can be donated to a local school, sports organization, or thrift store.

Car Batteries, Car Parts, and Used Motor Oil

When you find car batteries, parts, or spent motor oil at your relative's home, you should take the batteries and car parts to your local junkyard or automotive parts store. These items can generally be recycled into new materials. Jugs of used motor oil should be taken to a local oil change shop or an auto parts store that recycles motor oil. The motor oil is harmful if you dump it into the ground and can be recycled into new oil for use in people's cars.

Recycle Metals, Old Appliances, and Vehicles

Finally, while you always can place metal items into your dumpster rentals, it is better for the earth if you to recycle them. If you have an excessive amount of metal items out in the yard of your hoarding relative's house, then you can rent a recycling dumpster. Old appliances and cars can be hauled off by local recycling services for a nominal fee.

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