3 Reasons Your Septic Tank May Have To Be Cleaned More Than Usual

Your septic system works really hard to keep the waste contained that results from all of the plumbing fixtures in your home, but in some cases, the system may be working harder than it should. If you are having to have your septic tank pumped frequently there could be something wrong. On average, a septic tank should only have to be pumped out about once every three years. So if you are having issues long before you hit the three year mark with your septic tank, there could be a few things that are wrong. 

1. The septic tank you have is small in comparison to your household size.

If you live in a small home but house a lot of people, your septic tank could be too small for the number of occupants that you have in the house. When a septic tank is installed, the size is chosen according to the size of the house and how many occupants would be expected to live inside normally. While it is okay to have a smaller tank and more occupants, this will mean that the tank will have to be pumped on a more frequent basis. 

2. You are flushing way too much solid material. 

The septic tank handles most of the solid human waste through a natural deterioration process. However, other solid materials will not decompose in the same manner within a septic tank. Excessive flushing of solid materials that should not go down the drain will definitely mean more frequent visits by the septic tank cleaning company. While toilet paper and other paper products can be part of the problem, other items are much worse. Some of the things you should not be flushing include:

  • table scraps and leftover food
  • kitty litter 
  • latex gloves and other plastic items
  • feminine hygiene items 
  • diapers and disposable wet wipes 

3. Your septic tank is damaged. 

If the septic tank that you have seems to be full and you have just recently had it pumped, it could be a sign that there is something else going on. If the tank is damaged, it could be allowing groundwater into the tank, which will cause it to over-fill faster than usual. In some cases, heavy rains in an area will have an effect on septic system drainage, but this should only be a temporary issue that passes once the ground has dried and not a problem that is ongoing.

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