Things To Think About Before You Plan To Install Steel Casters

A set of steel casters affixed to the feet of any heavy object in your home will make your life notably easier. Whether it's a heavy desk or a kitchen island, adding casters can allow you to temporarily move the piece of furniture to make vacuuming easier. You should be able to install your own steel casters -- a drill, some heavy screws and a screwdriver are typically the only tools you'll need to get the job done right. Before you visit your local equipment and supply store, however, there are a few things that you'll need to think about. Here are some topics.

Wheel Size

Steel casters are available with wheels of virtually any size, meaning that you should be able to easily find the right set for your needs. Before you can find the right set, however, you'll need to decide on the size that will suit your piece of furniture. It might sound simplistic, but choosing the wheel size is important -- larger wheels will allow a heavier object to roll with greater ease, but smaller wheels will be less visually obvious. Consider the floor on which the casters will be rolling, too. If it's extremely smooth, you can get away with smaller wheels; otherwise, larger wheels can negotiate a bumpy surface.

To Lock Or Not To Lock?

Locking casters are also an option to consider. As their name suggests, they allow you to flip a switch that locks the wheel and prevents it from rolling. This type of caster is handy if you want the piece of furniture to mostly remain stationary but be able to be moved at certain times. For example, if you're contemplating putting casters on a kitchen island, it's ideal to ensure that all four of them are of the locking variety. This will prevent the island from shifting when someone leans against it. If you have something that you'll be moving frequently, there's arguably no need to use locking casters.

Rotating Vs. Straight

It's also important to think about how you plan to move the piece of furniture so you can choose between getting casters that simply allow for a straight back-and-forth movement or a combination of those casters and some that rotate. Various configurations of caster styles can be beneficial. Four straight-rolling casters are perfect if you only need to roll the piece of furniture back and forth, but two or four rotating casters will make it easier to swing one end of the furniture around, for example. Click here for more info.

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