Three Applications For Tow Ropes That You May Never Have Thought Of Before

Tow ropes have more applications than just towing cars behind other vehicles. In fact, tow ropes are strong enough to accomplish some of the toughest, most rugged jobs there are. If the thought of using tow ropes for some aspect of your job never occurred to you, perhaps the following three uses will encourage you to further explore this industrial supply tool. 


Tow ropes wrapped around the trunk of a tree and then attached to a heavy duty truck can help pull the tree the rest of the way down. (Some trees just will not fall even when their trunks have been cut almost all the way through. The tow ropes and truck helps finish the job). Once the trees are all the way down, the tow ropes continue to help the lumberjacks move the trunks out of the way so that other trees can be felled.

Oilfield Work

Crew members working in the oilfield can use tow ropes to assist with the construction and erection of either a drilling rig or an oil derrick. Both of these structures are exceptionally heavy, and may need the help of several pickup trucks and tow lines to move from their horizontal position on the ground to a vertical one over the intended drilling site or oil well. Additionally, the tow ropes can be used to lay pipeline once the oil well is up and running. The monstrous pipes used in this part of oilfield work are impossible to move without a crane or some means of pulling the pipes into position. 

Rescue Work

Tow ropes (such as those from Omaha  Slings Inc) are a big part of rescue work. They can help remove a vehicle from a dangerous situation, such as hanging off the edge of a cliff or perched against some tree trunks that are preventing the vehicle from rolling further and faster down a very steep embankment. Tow ropes can also help rescue individuals from falling to their deaths or lift rescue gurneys from places that a truck or ambulance simply cannot go.

People and animals who fall into icy waters may also grab onto a tow rope and be pulled to safety. The strong, durable threads in tow ropes are able to withstand several pounds' worth of weight without stretching out or snapping. Sometimes mountain climbers may opt to use tow ropes as standard equipment because of the fact that these ropes can double as rescue ropes in the event that the mountain climbers take a tumble off the mountain.  

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