3 Tips For Setting Up Air Compressors In A Workshop With Fix Air Line Connections

Sometimes, having a good compressor is necessary for doing work in a shop, but it can also be a problem if you do not have air lines installed and have a mess of hoses running all over your shop. Having air lines and connections installed can make it easier to get work done and give different areas of your shop their own outlets with air connections for tools and equipment. Here are some tips to help you set your shop up with fixed air lines and connections:

1. Give Your Shop More Air Power With A Compressor Upgrade

If there are multiple employees using compressed air at the same time in your shop, this can cause problems with things like not having enough air or low pressure problems. To solve these issues, you may want to consider upgrading your compressor with one that is designed to handle the workload of your shop. Look for a size air compressor that can support the type and amount of tools connected to it. This means you will want to look at the capacity and pressure the compressor can provide. This can be a great way to end problems in the shop when more than one piece of equipment is being used at the same time.

2. Increase The Capacity Of Your System With Additional Air Storage Tanks

In addition to having a larger compressor installed, you may want to consider adding storage tanks for the compressed air. These can help deal with problems that might occur from air traveling a long distance from the compressor to a work station. It can also help increase the capacity of your system and reduce energy consumption. You may want to consider installing smaller tanks near each work station to reduce the need for multiple compressors.

3. Get Rid Of The Loose Hoses By Installing Fixed Lines And Outlet Connections

Loose hoses in a shop can be a big problem. They can cause a safety hazard due to people tripping over them and getting caught on them. Loose hoses can also be an extra cost when they become damaged and need to be replaced. A good alternative is to use smaller, shorter hoses and fixed compressed air lines. You may even want to consider reals with retractable hoses to keep the shop organized. No one will get caught on the air lines, and the smaller hoses can be easier to manage and cheaper to replace.

These are tips when you are considering improving the compressed air systems in your shop. If you need help with the installation of a compressor and the fixed air lines to make your shop's workflow much smooth, contact a air systems service and talk with them about the solutions for your business. Clean air systems might dramatically improve the cleanliness and workflow of your space.   

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