What You Should Know About Bulk Bag Unloaders

If you work in the industrial industry, then you could benefit from adding a bulk bag unloader or discharger. Bulk bag unloaders are designed to safely, ­­discharge the contents of large bags.

These large bags are known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC). FIBCs are used to transport and store dry products like granules of plastic, fertilizer and sand. These containers help industrials workers complete their work as they move from site to site. Read on to find out more about bulk bag unloaders.

Comes In Different Designs

The structural framework of dischargers is designed to accommodate your work site. Dischargers comes in a variety of designs, such as low profile units and frames for forklift loading. Low profile units can be used on work sites with low ceiling areas. You can get full extension without worrying about overhead room. Low profile units are also effective for working in tight spaces. They come in handy when needing to straddle or work around equipment.

The Fork Lift Style

The fork style unloader prepares bulk bags for the discharge process. It works by using a fork lift driver. The driver lifts and loads bulk bags into a frame. It also has safety hooks that secures bulk bags into place to get ready for the discharge process.

Hoist and Trolley Style

The hoist and trolley style unloader prepares bulk bags for the discharge process. It starts by lowering the hoist to ground level using a four button pendant control. Bulk bags are secured to an adapter that loops to the bag. They are raised using the hoist and placed into a frame. The bags are now staged and ready to start the discharge process.

Features To Maximize The Process

Bulk bag dischargers comes with features to maximize your bag handling process. The bag handling process is a system that comes with numerous options for unloading dry products. It is rapid and proven to discharge the products in a clean, efficient manner. These features include loading trolley, electric hoist, cantilevered I-beam and the ability to unload bulk bags without a forklift.

Industrial workers must keep an ear to new equipment that comes on the market. Equipment helps with doing your work faster and in an efficient manner. A bulk bag unloader is a piece of equipment that can make a difference when trying to complete a tough job. You can never have too much equipment in the industrial industry.

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