Tips For Buying Welding Equipment And Supplies

Welding supplies are very specialized tools that will required some knowledge on your behalf. When buying welders, helmets and any other type of welding equipment, using the right information will help you to prevent making mistakes during the shopping process. Start off with these three tips to guide you through your next purchase.

Buying a welding helmet

The welding helmet is one of the most important types of welding equipment you will buy when collecting supplies. These specifications are vital for anyone looking to make the right purchase:

  1. Buying standard glass lens or auto darkening -  Standard glass allows welders to flip the visor up and down once the welding process begins. However, you might lose position during this process or might not be able to flip the visor down due to other limitations. Auto darkening allows you to continuously weld without having to flip your visor up or down.
  2. Battery or Solar Power - Welding helmets are usually equipped with non-replaceable or rechargeable batteries. If the visor is solar powered, you will need to account for some downtime when it needs to be charged.
  3. Weight -  Always try your helmet on first to make sure it is comfortable for you. When the helmet is lightweight, it prevents stress and strain on the neck.

Choosing the right welder

When buying a welder, you will choose between a stick welder or a wire feed welder:

  1. Wire feed welder -  This welder is easier to operate due to a thin electrode that moves throughout the cable.
  2. Stick welder -  The stick welder uses a circuit that lets you choose between direct current and alternating current. These types of welders take a bit more experience than wire feed welders.

Purchasing welding gloves and other clothing

Safety is paramount when welding, so buy the best equipment, including some of the following:

  1. Gloves -  The best gloves for welding are made with leather material that will protect your skin from high metal temperatures and sparks. You should purchase gloves that are made for welding specifically.
  2. Upper body protective wear -  Be sure to purchase a jacket and an apron to give yourself added upper body protection while welding.
  3.  Footwear -  There are a variety of fireproof boots and other shoes that are ideal for welding. Be sure that they have a rubber sole for better grip.

These matters allow you to buy the right types of welding equipment to handle any job and to protect yourself from hazards that come with the territory.

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