4 Reasons To Invest In A Girth Welder

Vertical tanks can provide storage for a variety of substances. Many of these tanks are made out of durable metal materials. In order to construct a vertical storage tank, specialized welding equipment is required.

One of the specialized tools that you may find useful when construction metal storage tanks is a girth welder.

1. Girth welders reduce production time.

One of the primary benefits that you will enjoy when you invest in a girth welder for your facility is a reduction in the amount of time required to construct each metal storage tank.

Girth welders are designed specifically to complete circumferential welds like those required to create vertical storage tanks. The specialized approach offered by a girth welder speeds the production process and can make your manufacturing facility more profitable over time.

2. Girth welders reduce flaws.

Vertical storage tanks can house dangerous chemicals or liquids that can cause significant damage should they leak into the surrounding environment. This means that the integrity of each weld performed during the construction of a tank must be assured.

Girth welders are designed to work independently. The automated nature of a girth welder can reduce the potential for user error and eliminate flaws from the design and construction of your metal storage tanks.

3. Girth welders can create two welds simultaneously.

Another benefit that girth welders can offer is the opportunity to create two welds simultaneously. Some girth welders feature a double-sided design that generates a welded seam along both the interior and exterior surface of a metal storage tank at the same time.

This simultaneous welding capability can increase the strength of each seam where metal plates meet and ensure that the storage tanks you construct will withstand the test of time.

4. Girth welders allow for on-site construction.

If you intend to create a large vertical storage tank, you might find it easier to construct the tank on-site rather than transport the tank after construction is complete.

Girth welders are designed to travel along a rail that is temporarily affixed to the shell of a storage tank. This means that a girth welder is portable and can be utilized to construct metal storage tanks both in your production facility and on-site.

Recognizing the benefits that a girth welder can offer will allow you to see the importance of investing in a girth welding machine for your production facility in the near future. For more information on choosing a 3 o'clock welder, contact your local welding service. 

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